Free Course for charities and CIC’s

Free Course on digital for charities

To coincide with the launch of the learning lounge at the Acorn Centre Torquay we are launching a free online course for small charities in a digital world.


The digital code was co-funded by the Co-op Foundation and the Lloyds banking group. Its aim is simple to provide charities with practical advice on incorporating digital technology into their work.

Why this course?

Having a strategy is important however for smaller charities and CIC’s in our experience it’s more about getting the basics right. This course will help you make the most of what you can afford today. Tomorrow we can work on the strategy.

Why is the course free?

John Reynolds has been helping us at the Acorn Centre and will be hosting the courses we plan to offer in our training rooms. The online course he produced is a result of working with us and other small charities.
“How to be a small charity in a big digital world” will give you tips and advice on what you can do on your own with a limited budget.

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    Hello, am very interested in this, where is the acorn centre and do you have dates for the course please, regards
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