what is skillsharing?

Why do we believe skillsharing is so compelling?

Skillsharing could turn you into an educational All Star and give you a platform to shine in your own community. If you love sharing what you know. If you are passionate about a topic that you’ve spent countless hours mastering it, the opportunity to ignite an interest in that topic in others is an immensely rewarding experience.

It could be that you have retired and are looking for a new challenge.

Could be you are a business and are looking to attract more customers by helping them learn a new skill.

Could be you just have a passion for cooking, knitting, dance, arts and crafts

Just think you could change someone life by sharing your skill.

“I never thought I could teach”

Most people think that way but you will never know if you don’t try.  At the Acorn we have the facilities and will help you every step of the way.

We don’t want you to work for nothing.

It might not make you rich but our aim is to make certain you are rewarded for your efforts.

At the very least if you find the concept of skillsharing interesting contact us or pop in for a chat there really is no harm in finding out more.

Ask for Marilyn or David and they will be happy to explain how skillsharing could change your life over a cuppa.